South Florida Auction Company: Come and Make a Deal on MEIKO Dishwashers

Did you know that MEIKO has been making commercial dishwashers since the 1920s? It’s true and that’s partially why so many food service establishments trust them to deliver a fabulous, efficient product. When buyers purchase one of their commercial, brand new dishwashers from a retail store, they’re likely to pay more than $9,000. But if they’re willing to attend our South Florida auction company’s events or stop by our showroom, they may just save a bundle on the MEIKO dishwasher of their dreams.

For instance, in May 2015 we were working with a Mexican restaurant and in the process acquired a used MEIKO K-44E. Restaurateurs familiar with the series may recall that it’s ENERGY STAR rated and made from a high-quality, 304-series, stainless steel. Plus, it has great features and can crank out more than 230 racks of clean dishes every hour. So, many kitchen managers love MEIKO K-44 Series dishwashers for those few, inherent qualities alone.

The E model that we auctioned off in May 2015 ran on electric heat. However, there are other models in the company’s K-44 Series that run on steam coil heat. Our South Florida auction company tends to get an opportunity to auction those off at various times of the year too. And a few models may show up in our South Florida showroom as well. That said, if you’re still in the market for a MEIKO dishwasher, we’d recommend calling us first.

Depending on what we have in stock and what our upcoming auction calendar looks like, we may be able to help you obtain used MEIKO products. Because we are a South Florida auction company, we cannot guarantee that used MEIKO dishwashers will run as good as the new ones. However, we do get as much information as we can about an auction item’s condition and history.

In addition, we welcome visits by technicians well familiar with MEIKO dishwashers. They are allowed to examine the MEIKO dishwashers that we have in stock as well as the ones going up for auction. To learn more about our current inventory and which MEIKO dishwashers may be arriving at our South Florida auction company’s showroom soon, please contact us at Lauro Auctioneers today.