Why Not Buy Refurbished or Used Nightclub Equipment at Auctions in Miami?

Refurbished and used nightclub equipment often shows up at auctions in Miami. Accordingly, many first-time bidders wonder which is better, used or refurbished? In reality, it doesn’t have to be a matter of one or the other. Both types may potentially serve nightclubs’ pressing needs for less than new. The secret is to scan and bid on the best items like a pro.

If attendees are buying used electrical equipment (e.g. jukeboxes, stereos and lights), they should immediately check for obvious signs of danger. Examples include, but shouldn’t cease with melted wires, singe marks, smoky odors and sooty film. They’re often guaranteed signals that the equipment has overheated at one time or was placed too close to another hot item.

Scratches or damage around the items’ seams or fasteners should send off alarm bells too. They may indicate that the item has previously been opened up for repair or modifications. So if the signs are there, bidders should ask if there are service records available. If service records are not available, it may be wise to press the seller for information on how the visible damage occurred.

Finally, people looking to buy refurbished or used items at auctions should ask for assurances about the item’s operational status from the seller or a qualified, electrical equipment inspector. This should be done before entertaining a bid. Also, remember to ask sellers or manufacturers if transfer warranties on used and refurbished items are on the table.

To examine refurbished and used nightclub equipment first hand, please contact us. Our professionally licensed, auction venue is home to refurbished, used and new nightclub equipment. We have rental and finance options available to nightclub owners as well as professional entertainers. The general public is also welcome to purchase refurbished, used or new equipment from us too. Details about all sales options at auctions in Miami are available upon request.