Auctions in South Florida Appeal to Buyers’ Love of Being Untethered

A wandering spirit is something many successful people possess. And thankfully, today’s technology helps foster humankind’s inherent love of being untethered. For example, did you know that people may use their cell phones and other portable devices to bid at auctions in South Florida? It’s true. So even passengers stuck in Fort Lauderdale’s rush hour traffic have opportunities score our auction house’s best deals.

Also, they don’t have to wait until auction day to make plays for nightclub sound systems, restaurant equipment and commercial furnishings. There are ways to electronically purchase or bid on them early. In addition, buyers who love being mobile may set up appointments with auction houses in South Florida to see commercial or residential real estate that is currently for sale. At least those who work with Lauro Auctioneers’ full-service team may do so easily.

At Lauro Auctioneers, we have a convenient app and other aids available that are meant to help people make the perfect purchases. So buyers who don’t like to remain in one spot for long are encouraged to speak with our team. We can provide them with details about the application and other free-wheeling ways to shop for restaurant equipment or other desired items.

Furthermore, we can share information about future auction dates and locations as well as provide free consultations to potential sellers. And bear in mind, the consultations may include more than appraisals. We’re happy to discuss all the ways people may sell their valuable items with the expert assistance of Lauro Auctioneers.

To learn more about the consultations, mobile applications and other unfettered methods to achieve buying or selling success, please contact us. We’re available to meet at the auction house or other agreed upon locations in South Florida.