Streetscape Changes to Impact Used Restaurant Equipment Sales in Pompano Beach

In October 2015, the Sun Sentinel broke news that may just send forward-thinking entrepreneurs rushing out to buy used restaurant equipment in Pompano Beach. It seems that city officials have plans to improve a number of streetscapes in the area that should indirectly bring more hungry people to Pompano Beach. And what do hungry people want? Excellent meals of course!

Buying used restaurant equipment in Pompano Beach will enable hospitality professionals to better serve the area’s growing population of temporary and permanent residents. It will also help them handle an influx in seasonal tourists. As it stands currently, more than 90 million people wander through South Florida each year and perhaps the latest renovations in Pompano Beach will increase that number in the future.

Given Pompano Beach’s growing reputation as an emerging, culinary melting pot we believe that it will. And no, that belief isn’t elevating the prices or supply of used restaurant equipment, at least not yet. Brand name, commercial grade equipment capable of being used to prepare a mind-numbing array of cuisines is still available in Broward Count for reasonable prices.

For instance right now, periodicals like the Broward-Palm Beach New Times® are naming an eclectic mix of restaurants as the area’s hot spots. Among them are places that serve Szechuan barbecue, gourmet hamburgers, seafood, German specials, Caribbean and Italian fare. People wishing to compete with those places could easily buy used charbroilers, pizza prep tables and Alto-Shaam holding cabinets in Pompano Beach then use them to set up restaurants of their own.

To inquire about starting or expanding Pompano Beach restaurants with used equipment, please contact Lauro Auctioneers. Based in South Florida, we sell, buy and auction off commercial grade equipment to entrepreneurs already in Pompano Beach and beyond. Plus, we may be able to help with hospitality professionals’ commercial real estate needs too.