South Florida Auctioneer’s Tips for Keeping Treated Shelving Units Clean

Kitchen storage is important whether it’s a 25-seat café or a 500-seat catering hall. So many people were excited to see our South Florida auctioneer open up bidding on polymer shelving units earlier this month. It clearly didn’t hurt that the units were manufactured by MetroMax. They’re among the most popular shelving units that turn up on the auction block. So we’ve got tips on keeping them clean:

Before they leave the assembly line, the polymer shelving units are specially treated with Microban®. As such, it’s wise not to use harsh scrubbers or cleaning agents that will break down the polymer. Although the coated is designed to be permanent, cracks or other flaws could spell trouble for the unit’s structural integrity.

Consider investing in antimicrobial, shelf accessories too. Many of them are meant to go underneath or over top of the shelving units, thereby further reducing grime build-up. Plus, most are removable and replaceable. So if South Florida auctioneers show off a unit with missing antimicrobial covers, don’t be afraid to bid anyway. Replacement mats for used shelving units may be just a toll-free call away.

Also, think about including shelf cleaning on the kitchen staff’s nightly, close of shift checklist. Ask them to wipe down the polymer surfaces with sanitizing cleansers followed by dry cloths. Doing so will make deep cleaning the storage areas once a month seem less labor intensive.

In addition, ask the staff to clean the casters at least once every six months. After they clean the casters, they should also check to see if wheels are working properly. If not, they may need to be tightened, greased, oiled or replaced after hours.

To speak further with South Florida auctioneers about antimicrobial shelving units of all kinds, please contact Lauro Auctioneers. We may have some shelving units going up for auction in December 2015.